Detox Pro

Detox Pro

Why do I need Detox Pro? One might wonder. Well, apart from the obvious fact that everyone needs a proper detox once in a while (usually recommended twice a year), Detox Pro can help treat several health issues. Sometimes your body doesn't respond to diet – it can happen to anyone; you feel like your progress came to a halt, or isn't measuring up to expectations; you lack energy; you suffer from indigestion, constipation, skin problems, Candida infection – just to mention a few.


Ingredients: Hemp Seed Fibers.
Inactive ingredients: Gelatine.
Dosage instructions: Detoxifying treatment: 3-5 capsules with 30 minutes before breakfast and 3-5 capsules with 30 minutes before dinner; For light detoxification it is recommended a 7 day treatment. For thorough detoxification it is recommended a 21 day treatment. Chronic constipation: 3-5 capsules with 30 minutes before breakfast. Attention: more water must be drunk during intake.
Presentation: 210 capsules.

Nutritional value:

Detox Pro / 1 capsule
Energy values 1.32 kcal / kj 5.62
Protein 175.95 mg
Fat 45 mg
Polyunsaturated 3.6 mg
Omega 3 8.1 mg
Omega 6 24.75 mg
Omega 9 8.55 mg
Carbohydrates 589.5 mg
Dietary Fiber 571.5 mg
Insoluble 525.6 mg
Soluble 45.9 mg
Sugar 18 mg

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